My list of web-related cheat sheets

This is a selection of cheat sheets that can be very useful for web designers, developers and content producers. They can help you to remember specific tags, pieces of code, colour values and fonts. Some describe complex quality-control or planning procedures.

Git cheat sheet



  • CSS3 – Five page printable PDF with CSS3 selectors, pseudo classes and proprieties
  • CSS2 – Two page printable PDF with CSS2 selectors, pseudo classes and proprieties
  • Blueprint CSS framework – Blueprint is a well known CSS framework. This cheat sheet provides a quick overview


  • Colour reference guide – Palette of colour codes in Hex RGB. This PDF is particularly useful if you are creating web/PDF pages to be printed, as you can easily select a colour from a printed copy


Javascript and jQuery

  • jQuery 1.4 – JQuery is known as the “Write Less, Do More” JavaScript library. This 4 page printable PDF provides a good overview of the most used JavaScript library at the moment.
  • jQapi – Alternative jQuery documentation.
  • Regular Expressions – Whether you’re searching strings or validating input fields, the use of regular expressions will save you a great deal of time.


Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems at the moment, and it’s used in this website.

Version Control Systems

  • Bazaar – Bazaar is the VCS used in the development of Ubuntu. Cheat sheet available in PDF or SVG
  • GIT – Favourite VCS of jQuery plugin developers. Just available in SVG
  • Subversion Quick Reference Card – Main subversion commands and options in a two page PDF

Htaccess, Apache and http




Social Networks

  • Twitter – How to search, send messages  and other basic tasks in Twitter.


  • Google Maps – Main links on where do get information about using Google Maps. Useful for JavaScript developers


  • Mysql – One printable PDF page with basic information about MySQL


  • Php – Basic reminder of date formats, regular expression syntax and other information that php developers have to use often.

Important note: If you know other cheat sheets or checklists that are interesting for web designers, please edit this page and contribute with your suggestions. To ensure the quality of the links, all contributions are moderated.

2nd important note – The site has an extensive list of cheat sheets with links to articles explaining each feature in detail.

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