Internet marketing

I have experience using a mix of Internet marketing techniques to promote campaign messages, websites and social network streams. Bellow a brief description about online marketing techniques I have used before.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines, to attract visitors that click in the “natural” or un-paid search results links. It’s an Internet marketing technique that has become more and more important, as “searching in Google” is what the vast majority of users do today when they want to find content.

A good positioning in search engines rely on obtaining relevant links to your content and an optimized website. SEO can increase the number of visits to websites, but hardly can make miracles without great content to promote and an appropriate content strategy. Some SEO “black-hat” techniques may provide good results sometimes, but generally they are counter-productive in the long term.

I can plan and implement a SEO strategy for your organization’s websites, promoting content and making them more search engine friendly. I can also write search engine reports to consider when fine-tuning the content strategy.

Optimization of websites (Marketing/usability)

Your organization/campaign websites should be optimized for SEO to attract more visitors, but they should also be as effective as possible.

Permanent evaluation of campaign websites is important to know how to improve web results and win campaigns. Monitoring and analysis of user’s behaviour on the website should result in clever action points that improve content and design. Analysing often how the visitors arrive to the site can also help making content promotion efforts more effective.

Relevant web optimization techniques:

  1. Web Analytics to understand how visitors arrived to the website and how they use it.
  2. A/B and multi-variable testing to experiment with different design or content solutions and chose the most effective
  3. Heat maps to know how users interact with a page and improve usability
  4. Focus groups to know how users perceive the website and how they perform key tasks

Online advertising

Online advertising has a major advantage over offline advertising: you can measure it’s efficiency quite accurately. It’s possible to know on a daily basis how many visitors each ad brought, and which  ads/placement is more efficient. If the statistics tools are properly configured we can even know how each ad and site has contributed to the campaign  goals.

The pay-per-click advertising model is becoming the most popular, because the advertiser only pays when there’s a click from a user. In this advertising model efficiency depends on daily management. I have experience managing PPC ads in Google Adwords and in Facebook.


E-mail has become the main tool to communicate with campaign supporters. Many online campaigners, including me, think e-mail is the most important online communication tool in a campaign. Sending mass e-mail can be easy, but in recent years the tools to send e-mails have become very sophisticated. For example you can segment a list of supporters and send different messages to each segment: You can send a message just to the supporters that clicked on a link in the previous e-mail, and another message for those that didn’t click. Another example: You can test two variations of a message in two small segments of a list, and then send to the rest of the list the variation that was more effective. I have experience working with Silverpop, a mass-mailing tool and I also have some experience designing e-mail html templates.


With online surveys an organization can easily get feedback from supporters about the organization activities or mission. Surveys can also be used to understand the public perception about a specific issue and it’s results should be taken into account when drafting strategies for the campaign.  I have experience in creating and managing online surveys.