Interesting ideas on fundraising and non-profits

In this this talk Dan Pallotta makes us think about non-profit management and how how NGO’s could have more capacity to solve our problems. Would non-profits benefit from more investment in marketing, advertisement and inovation?

Of course they would, but is the public and the donnors ready to understand that a bigger percentage of the money they donate will be invested to raise more money and not in the issue they have donated for?

Are the donnors ready to accept that large scale fundraising implies some risk, and where there’s risk there’s the chance of failure? When they fail fundraising campaigns can spend more than they fundraise.

Many misconceptions about non-profits and about how donations should be spent are hurting non-profits and limiting their capacity to solve important problems that only they can solve.

Although the talk is specifically about the United States, the learnings can be applied to non-profits in many other countries to.

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